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“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” - Jim Elliot

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Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fer Dat

thYou make time for the things that matter to you. If you truly love Jesus, don’t tell me you don’t have time for Him. He certainly had time to die for you.

I never could understand why we try to fill our voids with temporary things that were never meant to take the place only Jesus can. We’ve all had days when we wanted to do nothing but stare at a screen for rest and relaxation. You’d think we’d learn, that we always leave that finished movie or video game feeling just as empty as before. I wonder what our lives would look like if we would minimize – or even eliminate – all unnecessary media and entertainment. Not because they’re necessarily wrong .. but simply out of a desire to not waste precious time meant for Jesus.

I believe the more you press into the heart and Word of God, the more you will find what you were always looking for; peace that passes all understanding, joy that exceeds circumstances, strength that stands through storms, courage that doesn’t flinch, and love that never runs out. And as you feast on the real thing, you will look at the artificial and say, “Ain’t nobody got time fer dat.”

Is Jesus Enough?

Letting-Go-Open-HandsI remember the time Jesus asked if He was enough for me.

I trembled and backed away; I hugged myself and cried salty tears. I did this because I knew at that moment I couldn’t honestly answer yes. I sat in the woods for a long time, leaning against the rough tree trunk and wrestling through doubts ands lies that plagued my mind. I pictured Jesus one by one lifting things up to me and asking if I needed them. Things like status, approval, specific relationships, success, belonging, and dreams. I clung and I grasped for those things until my hands almost physically hurt.

“Jesus!” I cried. “I can’t do this! Please help me.” Slowly, I opened my hands and let those things fall away. One by one, I let them go and I said each time, “Yes, Jesus. You are enough.”

And as I let the last idol in my life slip away, a beautiful thing happened. I lifted my head to the Heavens and said, “Yes, Jesus. You are more than enough for me.”

And I meant it.

Save Time For Things That Last

Inside of a classroom with back to school on the chalkboardI love this time of year. It’s more than the back to school supplies (though I love those) or the cooler evenings or the coffee shops filled with college students. There’s something about the beginning of a new season that holds so much zeal, intention, and vision. It makes me want to pull out my planner and set goals and write schedules and dream again. I want to cut the access and to maximize the main; I want an intentional life.

Probably one of my weaknesses is inability to rest. I am not a chill person. I can take things with a chill response but I rarely live a chill life. I’ve had people nearly yell at me when they saw my schedule. Sometimes I wonder if my drive comes from a subtle fear of the laziness and passiveness in the world around me. I see that and I detest it, and I purpose not to live that way. Some of the people who inspire me most are the ones who do the hard things others thought impossible. People often tell that I try to do too much (true). But every time I need to stop and prioritize and let a few things go – every time, every time – I am more than willing to let things like entertainment and media slide away to give more room to people and study of the Word and time with Jesus; because, it’s only the things for Christ that last, anyways.

As you look at your school year or the autumn months, and you feel short on time, look at your schedule and prioritize. Give up the things of the world to save time for the things that last. #for eternity.for Jesus.

Do Not Cheat The World

thCABMDMDXThe world is cheated when you hold your gift from them. Not because you yourself have something so great to offer, but because Jesus has something so great to do through you.

I’ve battled with allowing myself to dedicate concentrated amounts of time training in the gifts that God has given to me. I’ve argued that’s it’s a selfish waste of opportunity; why spend hours bettering a skill, when I could be sitting on the curb talking to someone about Jesus? Why? In the light of eternity, how can I waste precious time that could be spent in ministry?

However, when God has placed a specific skill and/or calling on your life, you have a responsibility to be faithful with that gift. And as you flow and flourish and fly with the talent He has given you, your platform for ministry magnifies in such a way that it goes out to reach even more people than you could have ever reached before. Suddenly, people no longer see just you. They see God’s kid doing great things in the hand of Abba Father’s blessing. And as you dance in your destiny, people see a life being lived the way Jesus intended it. It is not the greatness of you that they see, but the GREATNESS of Christ. And suddenly, your gift is your ministry.

Do not neglect your gifts. Do not hide or ignore them … or you cheat the world of the gift you’ve been given to carry in such a way that turns people’s eyes to the Father.

Not by Faith Alone

faith_works_landscapeYou can certainly have works without faith and yet hardly faith without works. Works alone is religion; faith alone is hardly possible, because if you truly have the faith, the works will be a natural product of that faith.

Those who claim to have the faith and yet have no works, deceive themselves; because the authentic product will produce authentic results. If you truly love someone, you do not have to work up a desire to spend time with them. That desire is a natural byproduct of that love. In the same way, if you truly have faith, you do not have to work up the ability to do works. Works is just a byproduct of the real deal happening inside.

Only God would think to create such a beautiful picture as this: something as unseen as faith to produce something as apparent as works.

I Am Not A Good Person

redemptionI want to be a good person. And some days I think I am … and even if I almost was, the moment I think this, I no longer am. If you have to tell people you’re a good person, you probably aren’t.

It is when I sit down and stare into the beautiful face of Jesus that I realize how completely ugly I am. It is not because He made me this way; it is because I’ve allowed sin into my life and it is making me something so unlike Jesus … and the result is ugly.

If I were a good person and were beautiful … I would not need Jesus. But it is in the light of my imperfection and incompleteness that I realize how needy I am of His saving and redemption. It is only when you realize how ugly you are that you discover your need for beauty; much like it is when you realize how stained your life is of sin, you realize your need for a Savior.

I am not a good person. I need Jesus. And it is when I am at the end of myself that I realize how very much I need Him. And it is in the light of my short coming that I see the power of His saving grace.

Don’t pretend you are a good person. You aren’t. And if you were, you wouldn’t need a Savior. But because you are a sinner, you need Jesus. Admit and confess your sin, believe Jesus Christ is Lord, and give your messed up self Him. ‘Cuz He is really good at making things beautiful.

Eternity’s Carpet

red-carpet-picEternity is like an endless carpet that stretches across the globe, galaxy, and beyond…and we are hung up on the one piece of yarn that is our world right now. The fact we are so concerned about the temporary hiccup of our day in comparasion to the picture of forever…boggles my mind.

If you lived every day with the realization that everything you do touches a cord that will vibrate in eternity…it would change your life.

It changed mine. And continues to every moment its truth penetrates my heart. Life is too short to be wasted and eternity is too long to be spent in the wrong place.

Destiny Calls You

thCAXGJHVWThe whisper of destiny calls you to purpose. Your very life holds a master design no one else can even begin to fulfill. And if you ignore it, the world is left lacking.

Do not think you were created by random chance for meager existence. God is a God of order and this attribute flows to the very details of your life. And while you will make wrong choices that change the shape of your path, there will always be that constant pull to return to who God is calling you to be.

Your life is not random; your plan not unwritten. You matter. You are important. You are vital. The world needs you to respond to the calling God has placed on your life.

If They Made a Movie of Your Life

film_rollIf they made a movie of your life, would it be worth watching?

Nobody likes to watch a movie of someone watching a movie.

Just sayin’.

We are an entertainment driven culture. We infest our days with screens; we have fast thumbs and slow brains. The volume of hits on Hollywood’s new movies is staggering. A recent popular choice was said to make around 12 billion its first week. Dumbfounding. Millions of children die of hunger and we fork out bucket loads of cash to see flashing pictures on a screen.

I don’t hate movies. A good one can change lives.

But I think we’ve gone off the deep end. We sailed past the word balance a long time ago. Just remember: there’s a reason you love those movie action heroes so much; because they’re actually doing something worth watching. Get off your butt and do the same.

Someone Died Today

green-funerals-green-resting-placeSomeone died today and I didn’t even notice.

We are at a point of crisis when not only are people dying across the world and we don’t notice but they’re dying in our backyard and we don’t care.

I don’t believe Jesus said to help others when we felt like it; rather, He said, help others when it is in our ability to do so. If you have or own more than the person next to you, you are richer than them, and it is in your hand and ability to help them.

Sit down. Think about it.

I know it hurts. Hurts me every time. But the moment you realize something is wrong in your life, the moment to resolve it has been birthed.